Try to hide it, but I'm faking.


My spirit is breaking, and my mind is in doubt.

See, when composure is lost, it's hard to get about.


How to move about,

How to see about, 

How to determine the ones who truly love you ...

Sometimes, in an attempt to maintain control of our lives, we hold on to things which aren't true.



I spit out my feelings from left to right,


In an attempt to find someone whose advice will make all burdens light,


Which works to no avail. 


And as a tear escapes from my eye,

I go to sleep, and wait until the cycle begins again,

until the day Reuné is different from I. 

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Comments (2)

  1. ru5ty

    Please be well.

    January 05, 2015
    1. expressionsofthesoul

      Haha, thank you! Don’t worry about me, all is well.

      January 06, 2015