I don't even know...

I wish I knew how to feel, but I don't.


I feel so betrayed, so used, so led on.


I can't even stand the thought of you right now, everything about you makes me so furious I could scream.


My friends were right, they said I was too good for you. But yet, I stooped, and now look at where I am: 




I feel so hollow inside.

It's nice to know that everything, EVERYTHING, that happened between us meant NOTHING to you.


I can't be your friend anymore; I can't talk to you anymore. Hell, I can barely look at you anymore.


But just know this:

For three years, I have been there for you. For three years, I have helped you, I have guided you, I have shared with you. For three years, I have laughed with you; cried with you; vented with you. For three years, I have considered you a true friend. For three, long, agonizing years I have loved you. One year I was stupid enough to fall into your trap and allowed you to trick me into believing you felt the same way.


Three years are long enough.


Three years ends today.


Consider yourself cut off.


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  1. ru5ty

    Sorry, expressionsofthesoul.

    November 03, 2014