Reopened Wound.

I look inside of me and I am greeted by a wound.

A gaping wound that refuses to be healed.


I realize that covering it up won't heal it, but I try anyway.


I place a band-aid on it.


I have had this wound for a while now - ever since you left. 

Every day I wait, desperately hoping that a scab, and eventually scar, will form.


Finally a thin layer appears.

And I feel strong. 

I feel as if I am finally healing, as if the pain will finally








But then, as soon I start to recover, I stumble, I fall.


I relapse.


And the wound opens up; fresh and bleeding.


How much longer will this last?

I can't stay strong forever.


I reach for another band-aid.


However, as soon as I apply it, the edges start to peel. 

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Comments (16)

  1. shadowstarz

    A gaping wound that refuses to be healed… I live with that too. Sadly ! But, this was a great write.

    October 06, 2014
    1. expressionsofthesoul

      Annoying isn’t it? I guess only time will heal! Also, thank you ((:

      October 06, 2014
  2. This comment has been deleted
  3. MindLint

    It is said that “time heals all wounds” but then it is easy to say, not as easy to live through.

    October 06, 2014
    1. expressionsofthesoul

      Sigh, the sad reality.

      October 06, 2014
      1. MindLint

        We must face the reality to get through it. We will then again have a smile to share.

        October 06, 2014
        1. expressionsofthesoul

          Very wise words indeed.

          October 06, 2014
  4. darkangel1065

    I know exactly how you feel! You put the poem together so beautifully, good job!

    October 07, 2014
    1. expressionsofthesoul

      Thank you so much

      October 07, 2014