The Official Party (Pt. 1)

Saturday I drove in, anticipating if my reality would meet my expectations. My whole week was leading up to this moment, mainly because of the floating possibility that something may happen between us. The Dee-Jay was pumping the music and the pool was beautifully decorated. I was greeted by all my friends, and I could already tell that, due to the fun and light atmosphere, it was going to be a great night  - and it was. The dancing, the swimming, the laughter, and you.


Everything involving you seemed to be the highlight of my night.


     When you talked to me,

          When you took my water bottle,

               When you put your arm around me,

                     When you insisted on asking if I was okay,

                           And when you shyly held my hand. 


I'm posistive the feelings are mutual, but I have no idea how to go about them. What the heck am I supposed to do? And the thing is, I felt so comfortable around you. Whenever you touch me, I sink into your touch. It's soothing and gentle. It's like I belong in your arms. 


So why aren't I wrapped in them?

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