The Unobtainable Voice

When I first heard it, I was hooked. 

It was so smooth, had a special ability to soothe.

The first thing that I noticed was his voice. 


As time progressed, so did our relationship.

There was an undeniable chemistry; the fire burned.

In just three short days we had developed an addictive bond; a bond that brought mutual understanding, compassion,



His voice - the same one that I couldn't get enough of - soon became the sound that lulled me to sleep.

In my head, I coudln't help but think how well this was going.  Everything about him: his tall figure, handsome face, humble intelligence and a personality that complimented mine acted as evidence as to why we would work out.


My confidence was sky high, my joy wasunmeasurable.


My naivety was crushing.


It turned out that voice could never belong to me,

it belonged to someone else.


My confidence dropped, my joy faded.


My naivety was crushing.


When we first met, he told me that he was in love with my voice.


If only he knew how enamored I am by his.

His unobtainable voice. 


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