Together, we embarked on a journey

Many our age do:

The pursuit of a first love,

And I saw a future in you.


For I was young, naïve, and hopeful,

As the case with many other girls.

What I perceived as a union to be soulful,

You saw as an opportunity to hurl


your own selfish agenda,

“How many can I catch?”

Yes, silly me found her way

Into your game of misogynistic roulette.


I deeply wanted to believe

That you were just learning and making mistakes,

But my foolish forgiveness and acceptance

Guided me to preventable heartache.


My friends, hindsight is a curse

Because although it may teach you better,

It also makes you for ages ponder,

The choice of such an unworthy lover.

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Comments (5)

  1. shadowstarz

    Each and every experience you have with a partner… prepares you for the one you’ll spend the rest of your life with.
    Unless, you marry in your youth and discover one another explicitly as you both grow up together, to know the true essence of love.
    You shouldn’t ever deem a love interest unworthy as that person was chosen by you, and some may believe, placed on your pathway; for a season, a reason… or a lifetime.
    The latter is rare but those bonds are still possible to nurture. Hope you find happiness, when you least expect it !

    February 07, 2017
    1. expressionsofthesoul

      I’m also a firm believer that everything happens for a reason, but when I reflect on how there was truly no benefit from the situation, I can’t help but think that I wasted so much time on someone who always took me for granted :/

      February 07, 2017
      1. shadowstarz

        Well. Looking for the ‘benefit’ is half your problem. A relationship should be complimentary as opposed to beneficial. But. Each to their own…

        February 07, 2017
    2. expressionsofthesoul

      Thank you for the well wishes though!

      February 07, 2017
      1. shadowstarz

        You’re welcome…

        February 07, 2017